Accident Attorney Rochester NY Q & A

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Auto Accident Attorney


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Q: How do I find an Accident Attorney Rochester NY?
A: Begin your search online. You want to find a qualified, experienced accident attorney who can handle your case. You want to work with a professional who knows how the judicial system works and is up to date on the latest accident and negligence laws pertaining to your case. A search online will yield qualified accident attorneys in your area. It is important to go over the attorney’s website to get an idea of their experience before setting up a consultation.

Q: Are all attorneys online licensed?
A: No. There’s no rule on what it takes to put up a website and make bogus claims. Because of this, you should conduct your own ‘background search’ and search the lawyer elsewhere online. This will bring up reviews of the attorney and their team. This will provide further insight to the quality of attorney you will work with if you select this person.

Q: Am I looking for a specific type of accident attorney Rochester NY?
A: Yes. You want an accident attorney who has handled cases similar to yours before. This means that an experienced accident attorney who has worked exclusively with slip and fall cases over the years may not be the person to handle your car accident case.

Be aware that most accident attorneys specialize in a certain area of accidents, such as worker’s compensation or medical malpractice. The lawyer’s website should state which accidents they are most experienced in. Larger firms will have teams of lawyers that have worked with a multitude of accident cases.

Q: How do I interview the accident attorney?
A: Ask thorough questions and arrive to the consultation ready to go over the specifics of your accident. Your attorney will immediately be able to tell you if this is an area of expertise for them. If it is not a case they can take on, they most likely will be able to refer you to a lawyer fit for the case.

This is very important because you want to move forward with legal action as soon as possible following the accident. The longer time lapse between the accident and contacting an attorney, the less credible your case appears in court.

Q: How much does it cost to hire an Accident Attorney?
A: All attorneys work on different pay structures. Some work on a flat fee while others bill hourly. Get an estimate of how much the lawyer expects you to pay when all is said and done to avoid any surprise fees.