A Warranty Is No Reason To Suffer Through a Lemon In Tennessee

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Lawyer


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When people buy or lease a car or truck, they expect a solid warranty spares them from costly repairs for a while. However, a warranty is no use when nonstop breakdowns and malfunctions inconvenience drivers and keep them off the roads.

Tennessee Lemon Law protects consumers when a warranty simply isn’t enough to compensate for a defective vehicle.

A Warranty Can’t Replace Your Time

You can excuse a few minor quirks with a vehicle you aren’t familiar with. However, nonstop issues in recent model vehicles are signs of defect. You can’t get back time wasted coordinating repairs and negotiating with dealers.

Risks Are Too High

Even minor problems show you and your loved ones are not safe. When you’ve taken a vehicle back to the dealer multiple times or needed more repairs on the same thing, more dangerous problems could be underlying. Consider these repairs a good thing you needed to warn you to potential dangers, then limit usage until you can replace the vehicle.

The Clock Is Ticking

Tennessee Lemon Law gives you rights if you’ve lost money, time, and business to a defective vehicle. Victims need attorneys who specialize in this area for expert knowledge of Recalls or Technical Service Bulletins. They also keep stressed clients acting within time limitations for their vehicles’ make years and contract dates.

If your car or truck has spiraled into a disappointing lemon experience, start your free case evaluation with Illinois-based Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center.