A No-Fault Divorce Doesn’t Mean it Will Be Easy — Retain a Denver Divorce Lawyer

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. This means there is no grounds needed for divorce and as long as both parties agree to end the marriage, in theory, the process will be smooth.

But this isn’t always the reality of the situation. Even under the best of circumstances, no-fault divorces can be contentious.

What do you need to know and why do you need a Divorce attorney in Denver?


If your spouse has failed to respond to the petition for dissolution of marriage within 20 days, you your attorney can ask the court to have your spouse held in default and proceed with the divorce. Nearly all judges will allow this and grant any other relief that you seek.

By Agreement

If your spouse does respond within the mandatory 20 day period, and parties agree to all terms and conditions of a marital settlement agreement, the divorce can proceed. This is known as an uncontested divorce.

Contested Divorce

Should your spouse take issue with property distribution, debts, child support, custody or spousal support, the divorce is considered contested. An experienced divorce attorney in Denver can help you ensure you are treated fairly and that assets are distributed properly in a contested divorce.

There Could Be Errors and Omissions without an Attorney

You should consult with a divorce attorney in Denver before beginning divorce proceedings. Colorado, like all states, has rules and procedures that must be followed when ending a marriage. People who try to handle their own divorces often run into issues with incomplete or incorrect paperwork, or they lose out on assets to which they are entitled because they lack the negotiating skills of an attorney.

Contact our offices by phone or email to arrange for a consultation on your divorce, even if you’ve already been through a divorce. The advice and benefit of counsel is invaluable.

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