6 Things to Know Before Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Being involved in a DUI can be a terrifying experience. If you’ve been charged and need to appear in court, then don’t waste time. Start looking for a lawyer right away. Before you hire one, here are six things you need to know.

Be Honest About It

When you talk to a Cobb County DUI lawyer, be honest about everything that you know about the accident. Don’t try to cover something up. Lying will only worsen the situation. Your lawyer needs to know everything so they can defend you in court.

Hire a Professional

Yes, there have been instances when private citizens represented themselves in court. But the judge isn’t going to cut you some slack and would, instead expect you to be on the same level as a seasoned lawyer. Don’t let your lack of legal knowledge and skills compromise your chances of being acquitted or getting a favorable outcome. Get an attorney to take on the case instead.

Make a List

A list helps you stay organized throughout your search. Find Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C with the credentials and qualifications as well as years of experience to provide the help you need. With a list, it’s also easier to see their experience and background.

Look for Free Consultations

Does the law firm offer free consultations? That’s a good start. However, be wary of anything that’s much too cheap. If the lawyer’s rates come across as the lowest you’ve found, you might want to look elsewhere. It’s better to hire someone that you can trust instead of someone who charges the lowest rate but doesn’t know a thing about how to represent you in court.

Get Ready for the Interview

Your lawyer will ask you things about the case, about what happened. Use this time to practice what to say. That way, when you do show up in court, you’re calm and collected. The lawyer you pick can help you with that. With practice sessions, you’ll know what to say and you’ll be able to handle any questions they throw your way.

Consider Your Comfort Levels

Find someone that you can work with. However, make sure you and your lawyer are on the same page. Someone who doesn’t suit your personality isn’t a good option, too, even if they seem confident about winning your case. You need to find someone who’s both confident and suits you. A united front between you and your lawyer helps create the appearance that you’re a team.

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