3 Reasons Your New Jersey Disability Application May Be Denied

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Lawyer


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When most claimants file their New Jersey disability application, they don’t expect their claim to be denied; however, a large majority of claims are denied the first time, and in fact, even upon appeal. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict guidelines enforcing what it defines as a “disability”, and oftentimes, claimants don’t fit these criteria; on the other hand, a simple miscalculation or omission of information can cause your claim to be rejected even if you are eligible to receive disability benefits.

Wondering why your claim might have been rejected? There are three main reasons why the SSA denies disability benefits to applicants:

1. Your claim has errors or missing information.

This is the easiest reason to fix but also the most frustrating, because simply omitting a name, date, or other detail can cause your claim to be denied. When you receive your denial, it is important to look over the claim that you filed previously and double-check that you have all of the required information, and that the information provided is correct, so that you can see if an error was the reason that your claim was denied. In order to avoid such errors, enlist the help of a qualified disability attorney to file your paperwork for you.

2. You don’t meet the criteria of a “disability”.

The SSA defines a disability as a condition that must be severe, must prevent you from working at a level that brings you enough income, and must last at least a year. Usually, when disability applicants are denied on the basis of this definition, it is because the SSA believes that their condition is not severe enough to prevent them from working, because the condition has lasted less than a year before the applicant filed for disability, or because they have gone back to work while their disability application is still in the process of consideration.

3. You haven’t provided enough evidence.

When filing your claim, it is crucial to go through all of your medical records from every facility, physician, specialist, or treatment center you have seen or been treated at. If your claim is denied, it may be because you failed to provide enough evidence of the severity of your condition from enough sources. This reason is fairly easy to fix; simply file your appeal by providing more evidence.

No matter the reason for the denial of your New Jersey disability application, make sure to contact a disability attorney to file your appeal within 60 days of the denial.