3 Mistakes People Make When Hiring an Attorney for SSDI Appeals

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Law


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One of the most important decisions someone who is trying to get disability benefits will make is hiring an attorney. It can be difficult for people with disabilities, and those close to them, to decide which lawyer they should hire. With so many attorneys out there, it can be hard knowing where to turn or what questions you should ask. This blog post outlines 3 mistakes that people often make when they are searching for a lawyer. Hopefully, these tips will help you find an SSDI appeal attorney in Stockton who best suits your needs!

Hiring a Lawyer that Doesn’t Specialize in Social Security

Before hiring any lawyer to represent you, be sure that they have experience with Social Security. It can be hard for someone who is in a bad physical or mental state to navigate the legal system on their own and it’s important for them to find somebody who understands this process well.

Not Asking for References

You should always ask your potential lawyer for references. If they can’t provide any, this should be a red flag to you. The key is to get referrals from people who have gone through the process with them before and can provide good testimonials about working with them.

Assuming That the Attorney is Qualified

Another common mistake that people make when hiring an attorney is assuming they are qualified for the case. It’s critical to ensure that your lawyer has experience with Social Security cases and specifically, disability insurance appeals because it can be a very complicated process. If you’re not sure if he or she meets these qualifications, ask them about their experience in this area so you can get an idea of how often they work on SSDI appeal cases.

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