Understanding Workman’s Comp in Melville NY and Making a Claim

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Lawyers


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State law requires that a business have a type of insurance known as workman’s compensation for its employees. This is to protect both employer and employee in the event of an accident that involves the employee. The employer has the peace of mind knowing that it won’t be put out of business with a lawsuit, and the employee can relax, knowing that his bills are covered. Workman’s Comp in Melville NY covers all types of injuries ranging from the catastrophic to those that come about over a period of time. An employee who has an injury from a piece of equipment that failed is covered as well as someone who has a repetitive strain injury garnered over time.

An insurance company backs workman’s compensation, and as such, it plays a role in the claim process. Some injuries are more likely to get argued than others, and those that are more trouble to claim on are usually soft tissue injuries. Other injuries can have more than one way for them to form, raising the question of where it was obtained. The employee knows it got the injury from work, and over a span of years, but the insurance company will argue the claim on the basis that the employee didn’t get it while they were working.

When the insurance company disputes the claim, it is taken before an administrative law judge who represents the worker’s compensation board. A disputed claim for Workman’s Comp in Melville NY is heard in front of the judge, and both sides put forth their arguments in this setting. It’s a sure thing that the insurance company is going to have legal representation on its side, which means the employee has the right to legal representation as well. When the employee has a lawyer, the insurance company finds it much harder to fight against the claim.

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