The importance of a notary

The first record of a notary goes back to ancient Egypt where they acted as scribes. The duties included the translation of important state documents, recording proceedings which were held in public and supplying magistrates with the forms they needed to dispense justice. As the years went by and the world entered the middle ages, notaries were those people entrusted with writing both legal and public documents. As more years rolled by and people became by and large more literate, the need for the notary to write these public documents began to wane. Despite all of this, notaries in Lancaster, PA continue to play an important role today as they are called upon to validate legal documents and as such, the notary continues to hold a position of worth in the modern legal system.

When one considers the American legal system today, the question must be asked, “Why are notaries still important?” To many it looks as if the notary is one more step in the legal system that costs money and for no apparent reason. Although it may look that way, the impression is totally false, notaries in Lancaster, PA do play an important role as they are the third party with no interest in the transaction, he simply makes sure that legal documents are properly prepared and properly signed.

There is no use in trying to deny the fact that the world contains a lot of cheats and scam artists who are just lying in wait to take advantage of someone or something. By having an unbiased third party whose sole objective is to confirm the identity of the party wishing to notarize a document. The notary can attest to the signature but the content of the document is of no concern, the content is to be confirmed by the court or other interested parties.

While a great deal of the authority once held by a notary has been slowly stripped away, the system still needs someone in the loop who can insure honesty and uniformity in documentation. To do this, the notary carefully checks the identity of the signing parties; this introduces an additional layer of protection against the possibility of fraud, putting people who are involved at ease. Visit for more details.




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