The Evolving Role of a Family Law Attorney in Syracuse, NY

Family law deals with the legal creation of a family and if necessary to it’s dissolution in divorce. It used to be that people just went off to their family minister and rabbi and were married. Those who weren’t religious chose a justice of the peace. Very rarely did lawyers get involved in the beginning of a marriage. Then we began to hear of the very wealthy having prenuptial agreements, especially when they married people who were far less wealthy. Today many people seek out a Family Law Attorney Syracuse NY to create a prenuptial agreement for them.

It has become more common for people to remarry in their late fifties and sixties. They bring many assets to the marriage such as vacation homes and retirement funds. It may be that they have always intended that these be left to their biological children and grandchildren. When they remarry late in life, they want to ensure that that marriage does not interfere with these inheritance plans. So before they consider marriage again, they consult with their lawyer. It may also be that they are already bound by prior divorce agreements to provide alimony and a portion of their pension to a previous spouse. They can’t afford to keep sharing these assets with more people.

As people marry, divorce and remarry, families blend together in many creative ways. It’s not uncommon for new husbands and wives to adopt children of their new spouses. This generally happens when their new spouse is widowed. It can also happen if parental rights have been terminated or of the spouse is serving a long prison sentence. At the time of adoption, there has to be a clear understanding of what will happen if the current marriage fails. For example, the child could then be free to live with their newly adopted parent.

While it may be uncomfortable to consider another failed marriage, working out these issues ahead of time, can avoid painful and expensive custody battles. A Family Law Attorney Syracuse NY can help two people successfully blend their families. They have enough experience to point out problems and how to avoid them.

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