Protect Your Rights When Trying to Collect from a Debtor Who Filed Bankruptcy

If you are a creditor that is trying to collect debts from a debtor who has already filed bankruptcy, you need to find legal consultation that knows how to help you get paid. You are entitled to payment and need to protect your rights as a creditor; otherwise it makes it very difficult to remain in business. Just because a client’s financial well-being has ended with bankruptcy, does not mean you are not entitled to payment. If you have reached this point with clients, it is time to hire a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney in the Nevada area.

Let Professional Attorneys Handle Secured and Unsecured Claims in Court

When debtors owe you money and they have filed for bankruptcy, you need to understand bankruptcy proceedings so you will still be able to collect. It is very important that you are able to collect money from unsecured and secured claims. When a debtor has secured claims, they have collateral. This can be in the form of a home that still has a mortgage. Debtors that do not have collateral are harder to collect from. This is called an unsecure claim and requires the skills of a competent attorney that is well-versed in bankruptcy proceedings. They can guide you through the process and explain what needs to happen in order to collect.

What Should You Do After a Judge Issues a Bankruptcy Judgment?

It can be confusing if you have a debtor that just filed for bankruptcy and a judge issues a judgment. You need to understand your rights and how to move forward to collect debt owed to your business. Attorneys that are experienced in bankruptcy matters can give you the best solutions so you can remain in business and recoup money that you are owed. Businesses that need this type of legal help can include banks, contractors, small businesses, landlords and private lenders.

A Judgement Is Just Paper Make It Work for You with a Professional Bankruptcy Attorney

Officially a judgement is made concerning a debtor’s finances and their ability to repay their creditors. The decision made is legally binding, but may require the assistance of a legal attorney so you receive payment. This also includes out of state creditors that are trying to collect on foreign judgments.

The Law Office of Hayes & Welsh has been offering legal services specializing in bankruptcy in the state of Nevada. Contact them to speak with a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney that can help you collect debt from individuals who have already filed for bankruptcy.

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