How Auto Accident Lawyers in Brockton Can Assist You

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Lawyer


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It is crucial to seek medical attention immediately after a road accident. However, because of the trauma, people involved in accidents may not be able to make good judgment of their health. They may feel okay but in the real sense, they could have sustained internal injuries that are not visible. After seeking treatment, it is important you consult with Auto Accident Lawyers Brockton to determine whether you can be compensated for the damages.

When you present your case to a lawyer, they will look at the fundamentals including the doctor’s report, the police statement, the accident scene, and the evidence available. The insurance coverage of the motorists is also considered. In pursuit of compensation, attorneys will examine different options, which include:

*     Negotiate with the insurer:

*     Insurance companies should compensate victims of a road accident with  the amount enough for recovery of the losses they incurred due to the accident. They should compensate for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional suffering and future treatment costs.

*     Expound on claims:

*     It is not only the motorists who may be accountable for road accidents, even government agencies and authorities can contribute to negligence acts that can result to accidents. If the road maintenance authority fails to put warning signs in black spots, speed limit signs, or repair a defect like a pothole in the road, these may be possible considerations for claims. Auto manufacturers can also be accountable for vehicle part malfunctions that arise due to manufacturer’s mistakes such as failed airbags and breaking systems.

*     Guide the victim on legal process:

*     The insurer may seek an out-of-court settlement to avoid costly and tedious court process. In such a case, the lawyer will mediate this settlement.  It is not advisable to try doing it alone as any information or agreement you make with them could jeopardize your case. Always consult with your lawyer before you give any information to the insurer. A lawyer will take you through the court process, updating you on new developments in time.

By contacting The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel PC, you can get a legal expert who is experienced in handling automobile accident related lawsuits to ensure you have a fair representation in court. The Auto Accident Lawyers Brockton will prepare the necessary documents, look at the evidence and determine how much you need to be compensated for injuries you have sustained.