Have you been accused of domestic violence?

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Law And Legal Services


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The court can issue warrants for arrests in Salisbury MD if you have been accused of domestic violence. The courts can put a stop to any repeat offenses by issuing restraining orders which are legally enforceable by the police. The restraining order provides a mechanism to ensure the physical separation of the couple involved.

Arrests in Salisbury MD for domestic violence can have serious consequences, some of which are:

1. You will be stopped from going to certain places and you will be stopped from doing certain things
You may be directed to vacate your home
3. You may not be able to see your children
4. You will not be allowed to own a gun

If you were to violate the restraining order you will go to jail or be fined, or perhaps both depending on the infraction.
There are a number of different restraining orders. The order that is granted is specific for the particular circumstances. A person may make application for a restraining order against another if both of the following are evident:

1. There is a close relationship between the parties
2. There has been threatened or actual abuse take place

Personal contact restraining order:
A personal contact order stops certain defined actions against those named in the order, usually a spouse and the children. There a number of activities that the person in question will be prevented from doing. A few of the important ones are:

1. There is to be no contact by person, mail or telephone
2. There is to be no stalking
3. There is to be no molesting, attacking or any form of harm
4. There is to be no destruction of personal property or intimidation of the individual seeking protection.

Stay-away orders:
These are orders where the person being restrained is stopped from going within a specific distance from the person seeking protection. Usually the distance is about 100 yards. The restrained person cannot:

1. Visit the place of employment
2. Visit the residence
3. Visit the children’s school or day care center
4. Go near the vehicle
5. Go near the person seeking protection

Exclusion orders:
There are also orders that can be asked for and granted which effectively kicks-out the person being restrained from the same residence where the complainant lives. The clothing and other personal belongings are the only thing allowed out of the residence until there is a court hearing.
If the restrained person violates any of the sections of the restraining order, arrests in Salisbury MD will take place.

The person who is seeking the restraining order must be sure that there is no reason to see, speak to or contact the restrained party during the term of the order.