Florida PIP: What is This?

Doctors, nurses and others in the medical field work hard every day to make sure millions receive the proper medical care during an illness or following an accident. Some of the ill and injured patients have medical insurance but some do not. Medical institutions are hard hit by non-payments for services and patients who file bankruptcy. Therefore, it’s necessary for a medical establishment to collect as much money as possible on all eligible claims. The state of Florida enforces PIP legislation, also known as Personal Injury Protection Legislation. This law helps medical offices and hospitals collect deserved insurance claim money.

Personal injury protection legislation was put in place to make it easier for medical providers, such as hospitals or clinics, to recover unpaid medical bill costs. This law applies to patients who have been injured in automobile accidents. This legislation helps hospitals and other medical establishments recover deserved funds from patients’ insurance companies following treatment for a traffic accident.

Insurance claims are tricky. Claims often get lost in the hustle, denied for invalid reasons, or underpaid. If this happens to your medical institution, you shouldn’t take no for an answer. If you haven’t received rightful payment for services rendered, you should contact legal counsel to assist you in dealing with insurance companies.

If you’re unable to work with the insurance companies alone, you should hire an attorney to help you understand and enforce the PIP legislation. Law firms and lawyers all across Florida are familiar with this law and are trained to help you recover income that you deserve.

Effective January 2013, some changes will be made to PIP legislation. These include changes to lower insurance premiums and will reduce medical staff responsibility. Details of these changes can be found online via search engine.

Medical responders work hard every day to help a variety of people in a variety of situations. They are often on call through the nights and weekends. When someone is treated in the emergency room or a clinic for injuries sustained in a car accident, the medical bills are usually very expensive. Insurance companies may cover part, but usually not all, of the bill, leaving the medical institution responsible for collecting on the bill. However, some insurance companies try to cheat the medical establishment, so the doctors aren’t properly paid. Florida instated PIP (Personal Injury Protection) laws to help doctors properly collect money for insurance claims. If insurance companies are uncooperative, you should seek legal advice on how to handle the situation, so you can retrieve the funds you deserve for your hard work.

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