Auto Accident Lawyers in Decatur, AL Represent Clients Taking Action Against Underinsured Drivers

by | May 13, 2019 | Lawyer


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Sometime people need auto accident lawyers in Decatur, AL to file a complaint against a driver who caused an accident and seriously injured them. Maybe the driver’s liability automotive insurance maximum was too low to pay all the expenses. The insurance company is not obligated to pay more than the maximum, so the only option left to recover the necessary amount of money is to sue the driver.

Minimum Required Liability Coverage

Alabama requires liability insurance for all owners of vehicles registered to be on the road. However, the minimum coverage required is relatively low, at only $25,000 per injured person and $50,000 for all injured persons. Yet, medical expenses can be astronomical if anyone who was injured must stay in the hospital, have surgery, undergo physical therapy or receive convalescent care.

Insurance for Asset Protection

Insurance companies recommend that policyholders carry enough liability coverage to protect against lawsuits that could require liquidation of assets to pay the injured individual. Some decide they want their insurance premiums to be lower and that the probability of causing an accident is exceedingly low. However, if one of these people does cause a serious collision, the injured person can hire auto accident lawyers in Decatur, AL to file a lawsuit against them.

Settlement Demand and Litigation

Local experienced aggressive attorneys such as O’Neal and Kilgo, Attorneys at Law, typically begin by filing a complaint with the court and sending a demand letter for a settlement amount to be paid by the responsible party. These cases are usually settled out of court, but the lawyer will begin litigation if the individual does not respond.

It must be noted that lawyers will not accept this type of case unless the driver who caused the crash has enough assets to pay expenses beyond what the policy covers. Sometimes, the amount is relatively small, such as $5,000. The injured person’s own medical insurance may have paid the outstanding balance, but the person may still face having to pay a high deductible, co-pay amounts, and the bills for any services not covered. If the injured person did not have health insurance, though, the expenses may be very high.