Attorney Dan Nevins Appears on DUI Panel Broadcast, and Proves That he’s Ready to Fight for Your Rights

by | Aug 1, 2014 | General


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When committing a traffic offense, most people do not think that they can lose their license. However, getting too many citations – or even worse, being charged with a DUI – can cause you to have your license suspended for months or even years. Below, you will learn why many people lose their licenses, and the steps you can take to fight a suspension.

Suspension for Moving Violations

If you get a couple of minor violations for things like speeding or running a stop sign, you won’t lose your license. In most states, your license won’t be suspended unless you have three or more violations within the past five years. Suspensions are usually handled on a points system, where each violation is assigned a particular value. If you face a suspension because of moving violations, you are entitled to a DMV hearing before losing your license. You and your lawyer can take the following approaches during the hearing:

* Discuss the violation’s specifics, and explain why you believe you should never have received the citation.

* Discuss the specifics of the accident, if applicable. If you got points on your license for an accident, take this opportunity to prove that you weren’t at fault.

* Prove hardship. If you need to drive in order to work, tell the officer that losing your license may put you out of work.

* The above approaches work in most cases, but if your case is particularly complex, you may wish to hire an attorney to represent you during the hearing process.

Suspension for DUI

After you’re arrested for DUI, the officer confiscates your license and issues you a temporary one. On that license’s expiration date, your real license is suspended unless you can prove your case at the DMV hearing. If you’re unsuccessful, the amount of time for which your license is suspended can depend on these factors:

* Refusal of BAC testing or urinalysis

* Your BAC itself

* Prior convictions for DUI

Charges of DUI are very serious, and can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. Just as it’s important to hire an attorney for assistance during the criminal process, you may need his or her help during the suspension hearing. When Attorney Dan Nevins Appears on DUI Panel Broadcast, you can tell that he has the skills and the tenacity to fight for clients’ rights, and to ensure that they are treated fairly in court.