An Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Poulsbo WA Can Make the Process Easier on All Parties

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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In any dispute that has gotten serious enough to make it a legal matter, there is bound to be a certain degree of stress and enmity, but when the matter is the dissolution of a marriage, feelings can run high and emotions can quickly get out of hand, which only exacerbates the problems and makes it difficult to calmly and rationally discuss and resolve the issues at hand. This is where an experienced divorce lawyer in Poulsbo WA can prove to be invaluable. Negotiating issues like custody, alimony, the division of assets, and other emotionally-charged details of a divorce can bring out the unpleasant side of anyone and having a cooler head to guide the negotiations can serve all parties well.

Your initial consultation with your Divorce Lawyer will be free of charge and will provide you with an opportunity to explain your situation in detail so that they can determine how best to proceed. Your attorney will understand that divorce doesn’t just affect individuals; it affects lives and families, so they are mindful of the potential impacts they are dealing with and will use all of the skill and resources at their command in order to not only represent you and your interests, but to look out for the best interests of your family, as well.

In the state of Washington there are two methods of handling the dissolution of a marriage, and the choice will be based on the information that your Divorce Lawyer in Poulsbo WA has gathered during that initial meeting. The traditional litigation model is preferred in cases where there may be concerns regarding personal safety or financial protection and immediate action is called for. This sometimes requires the use of restraining orders as well as temporary court orders to deal with things like property allocation or child support. Using the collaborative law model, specially-trained attorneys will represent both parties as they work together to find amicable solutions through the use of open communications and good-faith negotiations.

Lindsay Olsen Attorneys will be there to offer guidance even after the divorce has been granted. There are usually questions after a divorce regarding financial issues such as tax liabilities that they can assist you with; and if circumstances change, and the original agreement needs to be modified to accommodate them, your attorneys will work with you to make those alterations.